RCL’s Independence of the Seas

An RCL Supported Project

As I mentioned earlier in this article, this project was produced with the cooperation and support of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Since I was going to cover the cruise, I wanted to be sure I would be ready to shoot it properly and packed everything from my tripods, mics and cameras to my iPad which proved invaluable when I wanted to show the staff what their interviews looked like and how they did on camera. Having the support of the entire team at RCL, made my job so much easier, I want to thank them for their help and cooperation.

empty shipOur industry term, for someone like me is a one-man-band. As a one-man-band I have complete creative and technical control over my projects from start to finish. This enabled me to work with the staff on the ship and direct them so, I was able to get their interviews in many cases, on one take and in their own words. Understand this is not a scripted video one that the advertising, sales or public relations department controlled.

My wife assisted me on this assignment and we never got off the ship to visit Jamaica or the Grand Cayman. We did take a 30 minute break in Jamaica to run out and get some things for our grandchildren in the RCL shopping center on the pier they built in Jamaica.

Since we had visited the same destinations last year on another cruise and I had a number of photos from that trip, I wanted to spend my time was shooting what I needed on this ship without passengers, which enabled me to get some of these beautiful photos and videos of this magnificent ship. It was actually quite nice having the ship to myself on those two days.

The video gives you a look into how this enormous ship can host over 4,000 passengers and 1300 crew members and do it so well. In this six day cruise video you will have the opportunity to meet many of the ships officers including: Captain Teo, Kevin Thorogood their Hotel Director, Joff Eaton the Cruise Director, Executive Chef Kenneth Johanson, Guest Relations Director Al Kearse, and many other crew members and staff who will take you on a tour of the ship. So I will ask you to watch the video and return to this article for some of our comments about the ship and the cruise.

Watch The Video Now and Return To This Article

I have divided the video into sections. This will enable you to view those sections you are most interested in. You will see this time line on the bottom of the video as it plays and you can scan through the video if you prefer and find the spots you want to watch, it is your option. Be sure to select the 720p HD Mode and the larger viewing screen for maximum enjoyment.

  1. The Ship (Start – 6:56)
  2. The Hotel • (6:57 – 10:13)
  3. Housekeeping • (10:14 – 11:37)
  4. Guest Services • (11:38- 13.21)
  5. Adventure Ocean • (13:21 – 13:56)
  6. Entertainment • (13:57 – 17:15)
  7. Shopping • (15:17 – 18:35)
  8. The Spa • (18:37 – 19:32)
  9. Restaurants • (19:33 – 22:40)
  10. Food Preparation • (22:41 – 24:27)
  11. Activities • (24:28 – 25:32)
  12. The Passengers • (25:33 – End)

This video runs 28 minutes. If you don’t have the time to watch it all now, select the chapters you are most interested in now and come back when you have more time to view it all. Feel free to scan through it with your mouse, you can see small thumbnails from the video as you do.

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