Travel Europe

Have you always wanted to visit Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, England or any other European country, but never thought you could?  Well at Travel Pavilion we are experts on European destinations, tours, river cruises and many other travel options.  There is no better time to visit Europe and you can take advantage of the strong U.S. dollar too.  Contact us now and see how affordable Europe is today.


Travel Carribean

Ah…Take a short flight to one of the many Carribean countries. There are thousands of islands that are part of the island countries of the broadly defined Caribbean region. Rich history, tantalizing foods and of course breathtaking natural beauty are just a few of the reasons the Caribbean is one of the world’s most visited travel destinations. The island nations of this region overflow with fascinating cultural heritage and stunning landscapes that attract travelers from around the world. Let us help you on a fantastic vacation in the Carribean.

Cruises Our Specialty

We Are Cruise Experts

With over 30 years in the travel industry and thousands of bookings on all the major cruise lines, we are considered the cruise experts.  If it is a cruise to the Caribbean or a River Cruise to Croatia, we can help you make the right decisions and help you get the best value available…

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