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We are a passionate team with the vision of delivering the best & exciting experiences for our clients



© Len Rapoport - Travel Pavilion
© Len Rapoport - Travel Pavilion

Gladys Rapoport


Co-Founder & CEO

Gladys has over 40 years of experience as a travel professional and a world traveler. Married to Len, they make the perfect team to travel and record what they see.

Marcia Feinstein

Marcia Feinstein

Co-Founder & President

Marcia began her career in travel with her friend Gladys as a way to see the world and help others to do the same.

Len Rapoport


Webmaster, Creative Services, Writer?

Photographer/videographer and writer with four online publications.  Visit his online Publication IMPress. Great Articles, Videos and Photos

40 Years Of Experience

Travel Pavilion has been in business for close to 40 years. Starting as a local New Jersey travel agency we have embraced the digital revolution and have become a destination for clients both commercial and individuals who appreciate the personal service we offer. The internet is a great place for information and to save money, but there is no additional cost to talk to one of our trained professional travel agents about your travel plans.

We are located in Aberdeen township, New Jersey but out clients are as close as a computer, mobile device or a telephone.


Why Book Online When You Can Have A Professional Do It For You?

Many people don’t realize that a travel agents compensation is from the hotels, resorts, tour operators and cruise companies and they are not paid by their clients.  The exception to this is booking airline tickets.  Some years ago the airlines decided to eliminate all payments to travel agents.  As a courtesy to our clients we can book your airline reservations and only charge a minimal fee for this service.

We are there for you through the entire process.

We will help you in you making the right decision on your trip.  With so many years of experience and feedback from our clients, we know the best travel packages.

If there is a problem on your trip, we can often help resolve it immediately.  Who can you call if you have a problem on arrival at a destination and you booked it on the internet?  At our agency we are available for you during and after normal business hours.  After all most travel site, especially the largest ones cannot offer the same level of personal service that we can.

We are world class travelers ourselves…

As you go through the pages on our website you will notice that the blog posts on this site are written by our staff and most of the photos and videos are ours as well.

Many sites depend on traveler feedback or stock images as their source of information. Len Rapoport, is the president of the International Press Assoc. and publishes IMPress Magazine.  Gladys and Len have actually gone to these destinations, taken the cruises and dig deep to bring back vital and accurate information, photos and videos.  Marcia has also traveled the world and her experience and guidance has helped thousands of clients over the years.

We are travelers ourselves so we know which beach has the best sand, water and accommodations.

Discover the many benefits working with us…

Why not give us a try when planning your next trip. We will price match most legitimate deals on or off the internet, providing we can verify the offer.

We are certain you will be surprised how well we can work with you and help you make the best decisions, save you time and money too.

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Contact Us:  Gladys@TravelPavilion.com
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